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October 23, 2015

This week's headlines: MCRD bids farewell to the Chevron; Mike Co. undertakes SDI inspection; H Co. sights in on rifle range; Proper uniform fitting through the years...some things never change.

Past Issues


  October 16, 2015 Headlines: No obstacle too tall for Alpha Company; Life changing decision leads to future in Corps.

October 9, 2015 Headlines: Recruits get oriented at the Crucible; Reserve Marine pursues military and academic goals; 1/8 conducts training in preparation for SPMAGTF-LCE Africa deployment. October 2, 2015 Headlines: Fox takes on bayonet course in preparation for the Crucible; Athlete trades cleats and football for boots and M-16; The journey's end: 1stLt. Bonnyman's final resting place.

September 18, 2015 Headlines: Echo Co puts their sights on rifle qualification; Private First Class Lara heard the calling long before he answered; Silent overwatch: JGSDF, Marine snipers fire during Forest Light 16-1.

September 11, 2015 Headlines: Recruits face challenges in recruit training..How they react makes the difference; New Marine moves from Kenya to acheive academic and personal goals.


September 4, 2015 Headlines: Alpha recruits learn to prevent IED blast; Company feature- Lance Cpl. Ramirez. August 28, 2015 Headlines: Company honorman displays his hard work; Recon Marines hang with HMLA-369; Alpha Company recruits check off Rappel Tower.


August 14, 2015 Headlines: Kenya native gives back with service, 31st MEU to assist Saipan during typhoon recovery, 3rd LAAD fires stinger missiles on Fort.

August 7, 2015 Headlines: Fighter becomes Marine Corps warrior, Marine Corps declares F-35B operational, Alpha Company recruits face their Series Commander's Inspection.

July 24, 2015 Headlines:Marine uses adversity to change his life, 2nd AA Battalion maintains amphibious readiness, Recruits dig deep and push through their first CFT. July 31, 2015 Headlines: Fracture overcome in route to Marine Corps, Marines conduct squad attack exercise, MCMAP foundation starts early in recruit training.

June 19, 2015 Headlines: Marine finds new level of physical, mental toughness, Drill instructor explains Corps during pick up, Marines, Dutch Navy perform first Dutch warship Osprey landing, 65 Indonesians saved by U.S. Marines, sailors. July 10, 2015 Headlines:New Marine will pass on knowledge learned while becoming physically fit, Emergency preparedness: Safe and Well, Marines engage in combat exercise with Romanian troops, Company G begins recruit training with rifle issue.

June 5, 2015 Headlines: Son follows father into Marine Corps, Charlie Company Marines take a 'moto' run, Marines ensure deployment is smooth over Australia, Depot museum helps recruits learn Corps' history. June 12, 2015 Headlines: Marine joins Corps in search of brotherhood, Marine tankers prove mission readiness, Body sparring brings fight out of recruits.

May 8, 2015 Headlines: Boston bombing leads to enlistment, Recruits learn confidence through contact, Tired, hungry recruits hike to end the night. May 29, 2015 Headlines: Fireman changes uniform, becomes Marine, Lima Company recruits undergo series commander inspection, Marines join U.K. allies in shipboard F-35B operational test, Company I takes on recruit training with rifle issue.

April 24, 2015 Headlines: Son joins Corps to help mother, sister, niece, Depot dedicates sports facility to the late Jerry Coleman, Hawaii snipers train in high angle shooting, Recruits learn Marine marksmanship fundamentals. May 1, 2015 Headlines: Marine adapts, overcomes challenges to earn title, 2nd AA Batallion conducts ship-to-shore exercise, Grass Week training teaches marksmanship fundamentals.

April 3, 2015 Headlines: Texas recruit is successful leader, Company G snaps into Grass Week, Co. F kicks off recruit training with weapons issue, Recruits train as fire team leaders during Crucible. April 10, 2015 Headlines: New Marine loses weight to gain Corps, Marine Corps Athlete of the Year, U.S., ROK Marines strengthen alliance through annual exercise, Recruits navigate the old fashion way, Edson Range operations officer named Marine Corps Athlete of the Year.

Feb. 27, 2015 Headlines: College grad chooses enlisted route, Recruits find their way in the wild, Company M introduced to Corps physical fitness, Company E finds mark during land navigation training. March 13, 2015 Headlines: Marine honors fallen brother, joins Corps, Integrated Task Force kicks off infantry assessment, Company I recruits take down MCMAP test.


Jan. 23, 2015 Headlines: Leader's journey to earning title, Marine; ELDP tours depot, experiences recruit life.                 

Jan. 30, 2015 Headlines: Guide, honorman explains his ways, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Center Opens, VMA-223 aviators hone landing skills aboard USS Kearsarge, Interval training prepares Delta Co. for challenges ahead.

Jan. 16, 2015 Headlines: Great grandson of Navajo Code Talkers carries on family tradition; Charlie Company takes off on motivational run; Integrated Task Force Tank Platoon unleashes firepower; Recruits search for their land navigation skills.

Jan. 9, 2015 Headlines: Nigerian Marine comes to America, becomes Marine; High Schoolers meet for Marine Corps' 4th Annual Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl; Depot Marine deemed hero for saving woman's life in flood emergency; The depot in pictures 2014 Making Marines.


Dec. 19, 2014 Headlines: College student follows dream to Corps; Recruits feel effects of Confidence Chamber; U.S. Marines, Moldovan Army attend anti-armor workshop; Co. L recruits go toe-to-toe in Pugil Sticks II.

Dec. 12, 2014 Headlines: Marine gains strength, confidence during training; Recruits learn marksmanship fundamentals; Integrated Task Force Engineer Platoon blows away assault breaching exercise; Recruits overcome obstacles, finish Confidence Course.

Dec. 5, 2014 Headlines:  Idaho native beats spinal tumor, joins Corps; Edson Range major wins world martial arts championship; Sunday is a day to remember Pearl Harbor; Marines, JGSDF shooters complete sniper training; Lima Company navigates through Obstacle Course. Nov. 21, 2014 Headlines: Mike Company passes MCMAP Test, Denver native becomes Marine, MV-22s, KC-130Js team up to overcome the Tyranny of Distance, Recruit learn what it means to be a Marine.


Nov. 14, 2014 Headlines: Marine overcomes obstacles, joins Corps; Company F recruits begin journey to master rifles; Bold Alligator 2014 moves to beach operations training.

Nov. 7, 2014 Headlines: Marine joins Corps for stability, strength; Drill Instructors make strong first impression; Marines train for beach landing during annual exercise Blue Chromite; Marine Corps celebrates 239th birthday.


Oct 31, 2014 Headlines: Near death experience gives drive to join USMC; Marines end Afghan operations, depart Helmand province; India Company strides through PFT. October 24, 2014 Headlines:  Guatemalan native joins Marine brotherhood; Combined Federal Campaign 2014 under way; Marines train for helicopter raids; Recruits learn rifle fundamentals during Grass Week.

October 17, 2014 Headlines:  Strength, endurance course challenges recruits; Gate 5 operation to be impacted by construction project; Marines host Humanitarian Assistance Village during S.F. Fleet Week; Company E recruits check off MCMAP test; Marine overcomes challenges of troubled neighborhood. October 10, 2014 Headlines: Recruits overcome Crucible challenges; Co. E fitted for uniforms; Log drills teach recruits teamwork; Philippine, U.S. Marines complete mechanized assault; Co. A endures O-course once again; Marine conquers family hardship, joins Corps; Co. G rifle issue commences recruit training.

October 3, 2014 Headlines: Co. M pushes through the Confidence Course; Recruits take pride in final PFT scores; Recruits pushed past limits during Circuit Course; Division Marines become Eyes in the Skies; 13th annual Boot Camp Challenge draws more than 3,000 participants; New lance corporal battles injury to become Marine; Co. M runs through Bayonet Assault Course. September 19, 2014 Headlines: Co. K strikes Bayonet Assualt Course one more time; Co. C gets practical application test; College athletes put to Marine Corps test; Lethal Breeze storms through MCB Hawaii; Hotel Company overcomes Confidence Course obstacles; Recruit uses Marine Corps to follow dream; Charlie Company completes Final Drill.
September 12, 2014 Headlines: Rifle combat optic scope helps create Marine marksmen; MCRD offers taste of recruit training; Charlie Company learns importance of mentorship; Marines learn land navigation in the mountains; Recruits push past their limits during O-Course; Marine once homeless, applies ethics to Marine Corps September 5, 2014 Headlines: Recruits train to lead during Crucible; India Company learns power of the leg; Recruits receive immunizations; HMM-364 completes POA, lands aboard USS America; Golf Company conquers depot's rappel tower; Company A recruit passes on college football for Marine Corps; Golf Company pushes through final PFT.

August 29, 2014 Headlines: Co. B recruits train in hand-to-hand combat; Teamwork is key on Crucible obstacles; New PMI teaches marksmanship; Marines join western hemisphere partners in annual military exercise; Recruits face one last Pugil Stick bout before Crucible; New Marine knows the meaning of brotherhood; Barracks Bash 2014. August 15, 2014 Headlines: World War II Marine Raiders reunite; Recruits donate blood for a good cause; Recruits learn grooming standards; VMU-2 refines operational readiness at Avon Park; Echo Company introduced to Marine Corps physical fitness; From Africa to America and now a Marine; Company M pushes through fatigue for final CFT.
August 8, 2014 Headlines: Depot takes part in Marine Corps recruiting commerical; Recruits clean up for inspection; MAIC teaches Marines more than just fighting; Confidence Course does its job in inspiring confidence in recruits; Oregon native named Delta Company’s most improved; Company F builds physical strength, endurance. July 25, 2014 Headlines: Pickup, the official start point of training; Company K recruit learn MCMAP chokeholds; Charlie Company gets combat care training; 24th MEU begins first major 'work-up' exercise; Swim training more than a graduation requirement; Determination, motivation drives young man into Marines; CFT tests recruits combat endurance.
July 18, 2014 Headlines: DI school students learn ways of the guide-on; Taking down an opponent using MCMAP techniques; Recruits begin training Marine Corps way; Marines experiment with military robotics; Youngest of seven siblings intends to earn BA in USMC; Recruits tear through Confidence Chamber; Recruit recovers from torn ACL to become Marine. July 11, 2014 Headlines: Body sparring gives recruits fighting opportunity; Hours of practice leads to Final Drill; Co. I passes through Practical Application; Military working dogs execute explosive detection training; Depot hosts Chicago Bears' Charles Tillman; Marine Sheds 90 pounds to join Corps; Recruits work as a team to finish log drills.

June 20, 2014 Headlines: MCMAP training teaches hand-to-hand combat skills, Tailors set Corps' image with each new Marine, Recruits do two-on-one pugil stick drills, Marines and sailors, Georgians conclude live-fire portion of Agile Spirit, Recruits complete first CFT, Haiti native becomes a U.S. citizen and U.S. Marine, Depot's Auto Hobby Shop to help save, teach. June 13, 2014 Headlines: Company B stands tall in Company Commander's Inspection, Zero tolerance substance abuse policy emphasized, Obstacle Course challenges recruits, MWSS-271 completes field exercise at Camp Lejeune, Rappel Tower: Big Challenge in recruit training, Sergeant Major's son joins the Marine Corps, Building the team with uniform image.
June 6, 2014 Headlines: Recruits learn the importance of physical fitness; MCMAP skills increase fighting confidence; Marines remain motivated after injuries; Marines support British during turnover of Sterga II; Co. H recruits test their bodies' endurance; Respect for father, drill instructors keep recruit's efforts high; Co. H learns importance of combat care first aid. May 30, 2014 Headlines:  Circuit Course poses training challenge, Group log drills build teamwork, Recruits learn rules of UCMJ, Marines return to their anphibious routes, Fear of swimming not an option for recruits, Marine seeks brotherhood through Corps, New Marines set out to make Marine Corps history.

May 23, 2014 Headlines:  Leaders in recruit training inspire fellow recruits, Leaders in recruit training inspire fellow recruits, Wildfires burn hot as firefighters struggle to keep flames at bay, MCRD hosts National High School Physical Fitness Championships, Baghdad native becomes US Marine May 9, 2014 Headlines:  Marines use small unit leadership during Crucible, Marines get annual training with a twist, Kiwanis Club recognizes depot Marine, Co. L overcomes fears to conquer Confidence Course, Grandfather, friend inspire Chicago native to join Corps.

April 25, 2014 Headlines:  Co. M knocks out MCMAP test; Recruits learn about Interior Guard duty; Padres honor military in opening ceremony; U.S., Estonian service members meet Latvian high school students during community relations visit; Amphibious fighting force teaches water survival skills; Graduation becomes special moment for father, son; Educators take on CFT challenge. April 11, 2014 Headlines:  IED course becomes Co. H eye opener; Course teaches combat fundamentals; Co. A checks off on rifle qualifications; HMH-466 transports troops for training, provides reconnaissance; Co. K crawls trhough CCX; Twins carry brotherhood, legacy to Corps; Recruits find personal motivation to increase strength, endurance.
April 4, 2014 Headlines:  Co. D finishes up PFT, prepares for Crucible; MIT students tour depot, leave impressed; Corps honors MP personnel; 7th ESB Marines train in Colorado River; Battle Color Detachment performs ceremony at depot; Marine sheds 85 pounds to join the Corps; Marines take on Mammoth Mountain. March 14, 2014 Headlines:  Marines learn to use field protective mask; Commandant returns Corps to rolled sleeves tradition; Marines react to Semper Durus; Warlords, Norwegians prepare for Cold Response; Co. M overcomes fear of Confidence Course; Navy Cross recipient passes legacy to new Marines; Recruits learn fundamentals of marksmanship.
March 7, 2014 Headlines:  Marines receive insight on Corps history; Depot riders enjoy first motorcycle ride; Co. A learns Corps customs, courtesies; Afghans see continued success in Sangin Valley; Co. I recruits dig deep to overcome CFT; New Marine finishes six year journey; Iwo Jima vets have 69th reunion on the depot. Feb. 28, 2014 Headlines: Depot mourns passing of one of its own; Circuit Course teaches recruits how to push through fatigue; Recruits apply knowledge to Practical Exam; Recruits prepare for Crucible with sustainment hike; Recruits train for hand-to-hand combat; Third generation Marine continues family tradition; Co. I recruits get first fitting for dress uniforms.
Feb. 14, 2014 Headlines:  Company L moves as one; Depot hosts 7th annual Father-Daughter dance; Recruits learn meaning of Marine uniform; Ospreys refuel in mid-air en route to Singapore; Co. D experiences first Marine Corps inspection; New Marine follows his father's footsteps; Recruits sight in on rifle qualification. Jan. 31, 2014 Headlines: Co. F conquers depot's rappel tower; Marines rewarded for hard work; Depot hosts history with Montford Point Marines; 31st MEU's artillery battery trains in non-lethal techniques; Drill instructors teach basics of hand-to-hand combat skills; New Marine immigrates to America from Iraq; Co. D hurdles over obstacle course.
Jan. 24, 2014 Headlines:  Marines smoke Copeland's Assualt; Grass Week teaches marksmanship skills; Uniform Code of Military Justice taught to recruits; 1st Combat Engineers participate in Pendleton machine gunners course; Recruits overcome fear to build confidence; Marine continues family military legacy; Educators get taste of recruit training. Jan. 17, 2014 Headlines:  SECNAV reviews graduating Marines; New Marines enjoy USD basketball game; Co. K patrols past IED course; 31st MEU Marines drop in for fast-rope training; Recruits utilize MCMAP in Bayonet Assault Course; Marine leads at home, Corps; Recruits strike through Pugil Sticks III.

Jan. 10, 2014 2013 Year in Review featuring stories, photos, and events throughout the year. Dec. 20, 2013 Headlines:  Marines gain confidence in facing gas; Marine named Drill Instructor of Year; Local community joins depot in winter concert; Artillery supports exercise Steel Knight 2014; Recruits step off the bus into a new world; Former sailor finds challenge in Corps; Recruits put mind, body to test.

Dec. 13, 2013 Headlines:  Co. M cleared to graduate after Battalion Commander Inspection; Recruits begin warrior creation with rifle issue; Haircuts emphasize uniformity; CLB-1 wins Unit of the Year; Log drills demand small unit leadership; New Marine adopted by Corps, family; Morale of Marines boosted through cadence. Dec. 6, 2013 Headlines: Co. H checks off Final Drill; New Zealand Army learns from Corps; Rancho Community Church donates Thanksgiving meals; First public display of Osprey in mainland Japan; Company K recruits train in hand-to-hand combat; New Marine honors mother's memory; Marines gather for Thanksgiving lunch, companionship.

Nov. 27, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits tour command museum; Co. A navigates during Field Week; Co. C learns Corps history; CCX develops grit and strength; Soldier accomplishies dream, becomes Marine; Recruits apply controllled aggression. Nov. 22, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits use teamwork to succeed during Crucible; Marines, sailors give back; Company H learns bayonet techniques; Recruits learn meaning of confidence; Marine follows father's footsteps; Co. D tests combat readiness.

Nov. 15, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits battle their way to become Marines; Recruits learn basics of combat marksmanship; Co. Grecruits fight through O-Course;Depot celebrates Marine Corps' 238th birthday with ceremonies; Marine follows dream, becomes drill instructor; Recruits tested on basic Marine skills. Nov. 8, 2013 Headlines: Co. B recruits earn 'Marine' title; Building Marines; Co. G recruits bond while facing adversity; Co. I recruits test for first MCMAP belt; Marine finds motivation to complete training; Co. E endures sustainment hike.

Nov. 1, 2013 Headlines: Depot welcomes new sergeant major; Confidence overcomes fear on Rappel Tower; Running for Semper Fi Fund; Recruits map out land navigation; Marine finds home in Corps; Recruits learn basic marksmanship skills. Oct. 25, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits push their limits during Final PFT; Recruits apply hand-to-hand combat skills; Gary Sinise visits San Diego, troops kicks off USO's monthly barbecues; Recruits swim past another graduation requirement, water survival; Marine achieves childhood dream; Co. I recruits send rounds down range.

Oct. 18, 2013 Headlines:  Company C recruits train for final PFT; High school athletes train with Marines; Co. F learns uniform regs; Recruits learn to hold bearing with confidence; Brothers endure Corps' challenge together; Co. B gears up to pass Obstacle Course. Oct. 11, 2013 Headlines: Co. K displays precision during Final Drill, Recruits begin MCMAP with basics, Red Ribbon Week, Obstacles conquered with confidence, Motocross racer finds new career making Marines, DI School forges Marines to pass Corps legacy.

Oct. 4, 2013 Headlines:  Vietnam vets honored with Silver, Bronze Star; Service rifles issued to Company D; Recruits learn significance of battlefield Combat Care; San Diego takes on Bootcamp Challenge; DI discovers passion through Corps; Mental strength pushes recruits through CFT. Sept. 20, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits run their final Physical Fitness Test; Depot's MP sets new standard; Field Company brushes up on skills in Edson Range competition; Recruits introduced to close quarter combat; Determined Marine steamrolls recruit training; Recruits perform log drills using teamwork.

Sept. 13, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits run their final Physical Fitness Test; Depot's MP sets new standard; Field Company brushes up on skills in Edson Range competition; Recruits introduced to close quarter combat; Determined Marine steamrolls recruit training; Recruits perform log drills using teamwork. Sept. 6, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits lay down rifles, pick up history; Circuit Course provides opportunity for recruits to increase fitness level; Recruits introduced to Martial Arts; Co. M earns tan belt through MCMAP test; Marine conquers obstacles to obtain ultimate goal; Co. F stands senior drill instructor inspection.

Aug. 30, 2013 Headlines: Teen battling leukemia becomes Marine for a day, Final Drill inspires pride in recruits, Recruits take big step on journey to Marine Corps, Recruits submerge in amphibious training, Recruit's determination overcomes weight-loss challenge, Co. M recruits participate in Team Week. Aug. 16, 2013 Headlines: Future Marines demonstrate power of teamwork, San Diego Chargers work with USAA to provide military appreciation day, Recruits learn self-aid buddy care fundamentals, Confidence Course helps recruits overcome fears, Marine witnesses' transformation in himself, Co. G recruits are tested for combat readiness.
Aug. 09, 2013 Headlines: Co. E receives IED training during Crucible, Chokes and counters give recruits weapons for combat, Annual Scholarships awarded, Co. I recruits test endurance during final CFT, Marine finds new home in Corps, Co. G tramples Obstacle Course. Aug. 02, 2013 Headlines: Depot welcomes new commanding general; Company B defeats Crucible; Future of Corps forged at Drill Instructor School; Depot Marines rescue drowning man; Bayonets, pugil sticks gives combat mindset; Grandfather honored through commitment; Iwo Jima veteran visits MCRD.

 July 19, 2013 Headlines: Co. L earns Eagle, Globe and Anchor; Only the beginning; MCMAP serves multiple purposes in recruit training; One step closer to the dream; Co. L Marine creates new family legacy in Corps; Co. H recruits gain confidence with water survival skills. July 12, 2013 Headlines: One tower, one company, one fear overcome; Co. L tests recruits combat fitness; Recruits learn Marine Corps history; MCMAP develops warrior ethos; Marine goes from "American Idol" to American Warrior; Co. E learns fundamentals of marksmanship.

July 3, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits use teamwork to pass Confidence Course; Co. D prepares for rigorous training; Once recruit, one rifle; Freedom To Run; New Citizens; Uniformity, teamwork begins during receiving week; Recruit recovers injury to become most improved; Co. I builds marksmanship foundation during Grass Week. June 28, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits reflect on Corps' illustrious history; Marine Martial Arts Program lays foundation; Recruits build moral compass in classroom; Forward Deployment Exhibit; H&S Change of Command; Company E conquers Confidence Course II; Drill instructor inspired by comrade lost in battle; Circuit Course pushes Co. D recruits physically.
June 14, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits become familiar with IEDs during Crucible, Terrorism awareness, pertinent as ever, MCMAP transforms recruits into warriors, Recruits gain confidence in survival abilities through swim qualification, Marine honors grandfather through service, With uniform comes pride. June 7, 2013 Headlines:  Battalion commander approves new Marines, Final PFT prepares recruits for future, Corps ensures recruits understand honor, Co. G conquers fear of heights with confidence, Combat Conditioning Exercise trains recruits' minds, bodies, Chicago native triumphs over adversity, graduates honor man.

May 31, 2013 Headlines:  Crucible confidence course challenges Co. M recruits, Combat readiness improved through Circuit Course, CFT simulates combat situations, Recruits apply MCMAP skills in Pugil Sticks II, 3rd generation Marine graduates as Company M honor man, Co. A excels during basic skills examination. May 24, 2013 Headlines:  The May 24 issue marks the end of an era of the printed copy of the Chevron newspaper. After more than 70 years, the Chevron has gone exclusively digital. This issue takes a look back into the long history of the Depot and the many changes the Chevron has seen.

May 10, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits push through final PFT, Haircuts remove individuality, New Marines march on toward graduation, Co. H recruits prepare for final PFT, Marine fulfills dream, graduates, Equal opportunity for all Marines. April 3, 2013 Headlines: Depot Command Museum offers inspiration, Hazing class eases worry with recruits, Future Marines learn combat leadership, Fears conquered with confidence, Marine learns leadership through adversity, Drill instructors create hectic environment for recruits.

April 26, 2013 Headlines:  Company E reviews combat first aid care, Interior Guard training develops alertness, high levels of readiness, Quarter-mile sprints build recruit fitness, Corps' martial arts program lays foundation for combat, Oregon native pushes through tragedy, becomes Marine, Rifle issue instills responsibility early in training. April 19, 2013 Headlines:  Rappel tower promotes mental toughness in Co. B, Drill instructors evaluate fitness levels, Recruits learn about sexual responsibility, Swimming training emphasizes amphibious side of Corps, Leader of family becomes leader of Marines, Co. A recruits stand firm in chaos of inspection.

April 12, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits train body for Marine Corps way of life, Introducing warrior ethos, Corps history is major training element, Variety in physical fitness makes well-rounded Marines, Marine learns life lessons through adversity, Recruits honored to wear U.S. Marine Corps Uniform. April 5, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits display obedience, discipline through drill, Drill Instructors introduce Co. M to self defense, hand-to-hand combat, New resources available for Co. E, Unbroken bonds reunite aboard the depot, Co. L improves teamwork on Bayonet Assault Course, Childhood experience inspires recruit to join the Corps, Recruits meet obstacle course challenges.
March 15, 2013 Headlines:  Copeland's Assault Course instills combat mindset, Future Marines learn basics of Corps's ethics, Core Values class guides Co. D recruits, Depot host 6th Annual Father-Daughter Dance, Not your average workout: Log exercises encourage communication, teamwork, Marine overcomes troubled past, Motivation keeps recruits going through O-Course. March 8, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits gain confidence, adaptability with sparring, Weekly haircuts create uniformity, Co. I recruits issued M16, Company E recruits conquer fears, gain confidence, Calif. native alters lifestyle to join Corps, Co. I recruits experience first Marine Corps inspection.

February 22, 2013 Headlines: 
Final CFT test Co. G recruits' fitness level, Recruits learn first aid for major injuries, Co. F recruits learn unique ways to protect themselves, Co. L learns Combat Water Survival, Marine resilient despite adversity, Recruits get taste of combat fitness.
February 1, 2013 Headlines:  Recruits discipline mind, body through drill, Marine Corps PT sets foundation for recruits, Customs, courtesies lay foundation for Co. F, Marine Corps marksmanship begins in recruit training, Drill instructor helps recruits work for honor platoon, Co. C recruits learn responsible use of force.

January 18, 2013 Headlines: Recruits demonstrate abilities during final exercise, Inventory PFT reflects recruits' progress, Drill instructors push recruits to new limits, Museum's docent honored at depot's Chapel, Co. K recruits learn Water Survival Basic, Marine finds inspiration through past experiences, Recruits get first dose of Confidence Course. January 11, 2013 Headlines: Co. H shows improvement in final PFT, Fraternization class prepares recruits for future fleet duties, Recruits learn MCMAP hand-to-hand combat, East defeats West in Semper Fi Bowl, Depot obstacle course challenges Company C, Drill instructor fulfills purpose in Corps, Fear of heights not an option for recruits.

January 4, 2013 Headlines: 2012 Year in photos, Future legends learn the past, New recruits issued rifles for training, Co. H recruits test their mental, physical strength,  Arkansas native pursues dream of military career, Sprint intervals set pace for Co. K recruits.  December 21, 2012 Headlines: Co. I learns importance of detecting IEDs; MCMAP an essential part of Marine Corps recruit training; Recruits learn about Marine Corps history; UAE PGI leaders gain insight on making Marines; Log drills build unit cohesion, leadership; Colorado native deemed most improved; Yellow footprints first steps into training.
December 14, 2012 Headlines: Sparring inspires confidence, adaptability; DI awarded Bronze Star; Inspections prepare recruits for fleet; Unusual Flight; Vikings Platoon; Recruits go head-to-head; Recruit sets training goals, named most improved; Recruits gain confidence from rappel tower conquest. December 7, 2012 Headlines: Recruits conquer Crucible, return as Marines; Corps’ anti-hazing policy explained; Co. E recruits exhibit drill skills; Recruits tackle new challenges, build self confidence; Competitive twins complete recruit training together; Where every Marine becomes a rifleman.

November 30, 2012 Headlines: PFT scores follow recruits to first duty station; Recruits tests basic Marine knowledge; Corps' mentor program passed down to recruits; Depot celebrates 91st birthday; Circuit training tests recruit cardio; Warrior ethos drives recruit to Corps; Close order drill instills discipline, obedience.  November 21, 2012 Headlines: Recruits get pleasant surprise with orders; Senior DI shares experience, knowledge; Company builds strength on bases, circuit course; CCX pushes recruits to exceed their limits; From streets to squad bay, new Marine finds home; Confidence Course prepares recruits for combat environment.
November 16, 2012 Headlines: Co. C takes next step in Marine Corps career; Log drills require team work; Pride honor runs deep within Marine uniforms; Pageant of Honor; SDSU Appreciates Military; Marines celebrate 237 years of history and tradition with San Diego's wounded veterans; Drill instructor a role model for recruits, fellow Marines; O-course gives a challenge.  November 9, 2012 Headlines:
Chamber helps recruits build confidence in gear; Co. L participates in team week; Next generation tours Marine Corps history; Volunteering to Help; Powder Puff; Marines bring ceremony to wounded warriors; Recruit rejoins Co. K six years later; Hand-to-hand combat skills taught in pugil stick training.
November 2, 2012 Headlines: Co. G earns emblem on top of Reaper; Training brings skill, discipline; Combat care taught in basic training; Superior Achievers; Boat Raid; Water survival starts during recruit training; Recruit hangs up scrubs, dons uniform; Co. F shows confidence during Series Commander Inspection. October 19, 2012 Headlines: Co. A learns communication, teamwork; Test measures physical progress, Son follows father's footsteps, joins Corps; CG Law Enforcement Detachments lead way in counter-drug operations; CFT tests physical, mental endurance; Recruit bases decision to serve on defining moment in life; Co. E improves through ability groups.
October 12, 2012 Headlines: Crucible exposes recruits to simulated IEDs; Marine recruit training teaches fundamentals of leadership; Marksmanship training begins; It’s Football Season Again; Doing The Stroll; 'O-course' challenges recruits; Recruit graduates with new attitude; Company A recruits show skills at final drill. October 5, 2012 Headlines: Recruits use teamwork to navigate obstacles; Recruits prepare for hand-to-hand combat; Co. B builds endurance, confidence; Now Hiring; Back to the Past; Depot Hosts 11th annual Boot camp Challenge; Desire to give family better life reason to serve; Receiving DIs set tone for Marine Corps recruit training.
September 21, 2012 Headlines: Crucible requires teamwork over individuality; Inspections are part of training; Recruits learn Corps etiquette; Navy Cross recipient shares war experience; Recruits learn basic bayonet fighting techniques; World Trade Center attacks inspire DI’s service; Ability to relax teaches recruits valuable water survival skills. September 14, 2012 Headlines: Co. I learns history lesson at depot museum; High personal appearance standards learned early, often; Recruits learn of Corps’ triumphs; Runners get ready for BootCamp Challenge; O-course challenges recruits aboard MCRD San Diego; Cuban native becomes a Marine, seeks citizenship; Co. G recruits learn ‘minimum.
September 7, 2012 Headlines: Co. C issued rifle for recruit training; Company E improves overall fitness; Recruits learn war has rules, ethics; Making a Marine Corps drill instructor; Combat Conditioning Course teaches recruits to fight through pain; California native aspires to be Marine officer;  Recruits hone marksmanship skills at Pendleton range. August 31, 2012 Headlines: Co. B completes recruit training, graduates today, Recruits go heads up in pugil stick arena,  Recruits take time from training to learn Marine Corps history; Painting Depicts History; Organization offers Marines free, low cost fun; Co. E recruits tested on MCMAP fundamentals; Tough childhood pushes new Marine.
August 24, 2012 Headlines: Recruits descend rappel tower, overcome fear; Marine inducted into Masters Hall of Fame; The beginning of combat readiness; Children read to dogs, improve reading skills; Confidence can be gained through overcoming fear; Recruit works for leadership role; Recruits use log exercises to build teamwork. August 10, 2012 Headlines: Unknown distance range lets recruits fire rifles on burst; Co. B improves strength, conditioning; WFTBn Change of Command; Coast Guardsman Saves Boy; Corps offers Marines $4,500 tuition assistance; Combat conditioning prepares recruits for stressful environments; Patriotism reason for serving country.
August 3, 2012 Headlines: Recruits prepare for chaotic combat environment; Recruits inspected for bearing, confidence; Firing week builds recruit marksmanship, confidence; Beach clean up allows service members relaxing day; Recruits get warrior intensity with pugil sticks, bayonets; Recruit learns what it means to be. July 27, 2012 Headlines: Recruits conduct hand-to-hand combat; PFTs measure recruit fitness; Guard duty fundamentals begin in recruit training; Service members participate in 101 Days of Summer;Grass Week teaches fundamentals of marksmanship; Recruit embraces Corps’ leadership lessons; Co. F recruits find warrior spirit in.

July 20, 2012 Headlines: Co. G uses teamwork to defeat Crucible; First aid knowledge helps keep Marines in the fight; Platoon develops, builds camaraderie; Depot hosts 9th annual car, motorcycle show; Recruits learn defensive combat techniques; Co. I uses ability groups to build stamina, endurance for PFT. July 13, 2012 Headlines: Future Marine legends discover Corps’ rich history; Making Marines begins with history lesson; Recuits make a splash learning water survival; ‘Wright brothers’ reunite at depot museum; Co. L recruits attack high obstacles at Confidence Course; Recruit comes back to America, becomes a Marine; Combat Conditioning.
July 6, 2012 Headlines: Recruits move, sound as one during drill; Rifle issue brings responsibility; Co. B discusses integrity; Band members are Marines first, musicians second; Company A tests mental, physical strength in Combat Fitness Test; Drill instructor breaks regimental score; Co. G prepares for final PFT.

June 29, 2012 Headlines: Boot Camp guides set the bar high on final PFT; MCMAP training gives recruits combat skills; Recruits meet depot obstacle course; Co. G learns basic combat leadership skills; Company E recruits arrive for Marine Corps basic training;Recruit’s daughter main motivation through training; Recruits use rifle combat optics at firing range.
June 22, 2012 Headlines: Recruits go to great ‘heights’ to gain confidence; Course obstacles no problem for recruits;Co. M gets first-term Marine marriage class; Educators Get Some; Fathers, children bond while fishing and boating; Co. H goes hand-to-hand during pugil sticks three training event; Oregon native overcomes obstacles to become a leatherneck.

June 15, 2012 Headlines: Company I recruits earn MCMAP tan belt; Recruit training Team Week helps create quality citizens; Top recruit graduates earn Chesty Puller Award; Marines help develop, dedicate middle school learning environment. Company G recruits use depot pool, learn water survival; Recruit uses name as inspiration to serve Corps, country; Co. K drill.

June 1, 2012 Headlines: Co. E prepares for Crucible with sustainment hike;  Corps history important in training new Marines; Recruits learn basics of marksmanship; Marine Corps Commandant Tours Walker Hall; New medical facility dedicated to fallen Marine; Co. A recruits build physical abilities; Upstanding Marine carries on traditions.

May 11, 2012 Headlines: Co. B gains knowledge on IED Lane patrol; Co. E recruits tests their physical abilities; Co. H swims through training week four; Co. A recruits attack obstacle course; Police officer endures recruit training to be more efficient;  ‘Every Marine a rifleman’ begins at recruit training.

May 4, 2012 Headlines: Co. L learns Corps' history; Co. D passes inspection, prepares for 2nd phase; Senior drill instructors' mentorship critical in transformation process, WFTBn. Change of Command; Yellow footprints: The initial step into recruit training; Recruit learns meaning of responsibility; Lima Company graduates; Co. H prepares to reach new heights.

April 20, 2012 Headlines: Arlington, Texas native inspired by tragedy to become Marine, Company F recruits find their way through the Crucible,Company B holds series commander inspection, Combat Care training, Company L pushes through Combat Fitness Test, and Company I recruits compete for honor platoon.

April 13, 2012 Headlines: Co. F passes Battalion Commanders Inspection; Pugil sticks give Company E recruits close combat training; Recruits finish training with 'Confidence' booster; Depot says goodbye to one of its first female Marines, Recruit Training Regiment relief and appointment; Company I recruits show determination on Confidence Course; Brothers join Corps ...  April 6, 2012 Headlines: Company K recruits pass ultimate test WFTBN Relief and Appointment Company I shapes up on circuit course Members suspected of Spice use to be tested Co. C recruits take the high ground High school athlete seeks, finds 'brotherhood' in the Corps Co. F recruits display skills, earn MCMAP tan belts.
March 30, 2012 Headlines: Company G faces Crucible for Eagle, Globe and Anchor Co. I recruits issued M-16 A4 service rifle Recruits meet o-course tests Depot exercise emphasizes preparedness Relief and appointment Co. L apply Marine Corps marksmenship skills All-American recruit earns his Marine Corps title Words from family, friends motivate recruits.
March 9, 2012 Headlines: Co A passes final inspection; Marines launch new recruiting website; Co. G runs into week nine with PFT; EFMP holds annual activity, resource expo; McDougal Hall, depot's 1943 theather, gets new life; Company B learns bayonet technique; New Marine, university graduate earns strong leadership skills, Company L makes a splash.
March 2, 2012 Headlines: Company M drill instructor awarded Silver Star Co. M recruit becomes a Marine - at last Applauding champions Marines give back, get more in return See how they run 2nd LAAD Marines train with Canadian Army 54 Keglers go for CG's Cup bowling trophy in annual tourney Marine sets bar, saves hit-and-run victim's life 12th district takes Ultimate.
February 10, 2012 Headlines: Depot hosts 5th annual Father-Daughter DAnce Marines compete in annual DCAIP Museum recertified MCRD helps transitioning Marines find career paths Flooding happens in San Diego, too Marines rescue Afghan Policemen from collapsed building Security augmentees endure pain for guard preparation Marines volunteer to help build garden at.
January 27, 2012 Headlines: Local Drill instructor wins big on 'Price is Right' MCRD holds communication exercise Legacy of Marines celebrated in Black History Month campaign Opportunities Explained MCCS hosts Thursday night Bingo UK troops team with MSB Marines during swap Lt. Gen Mills Visits Educators leave classroon to experience boot camp Service.
January 20, 2012 Headlines: CG's Cup Kicks Off VITA volunteers assist with taxes Brief to be held on stalker awareness Depot's Semper Fit sponsors 'Biggest Loser' competition Educators Getting Educated Marine helicopter mechanic in Afghanistan saves lives with maintenance discovery Receiving Company: Transforming civilians into.
January 13, 2012 Headlines: Depot mascot promoted to NCO H&S Bn. receives CGs Cup Awards USD basketball shows appreciation for military members MCRD sponsors child interactive morning experience Great grandfather earns WWI French Fourragere, great grandson wears it Depot's Fitness Center helps MCRD members stay physically fit San Diego horse ranch helps.
January 6, 2012 Headlines: Band wows crowd during Pasadena's Rose Parade Marines, Junior Rank wrap up inaugural Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl Week Republic of Korea visitors Marines run half-marathon Camp Bastion Afghanistan Survive: prepare for disasters year round Marines with concussion, mild brain injury may qualify for purple heart.

The Chevron is published 42 times a year and is only when a company of recruits graduates.