To serve as the commanding general's principle advisor on matters of equal opportunity. To provide information, guidance, assistance and advice on all MEO matters to commanders, commanding officers, tenant commanders, Marines, Sailors and other attached service members.

The Marine Corps is built on the trust and teamwork shared between individual Marines and their leaders. Inherent in this trust is the understanding that fair, scrupulous, and unbiased treatment is the Marine Corps leadership standard. In keeping with this leadership philosophy, equal opportunity will be applied in every command policy, action, and program. The responsibility for accomplishing equal opportunity is not dependent on authority or solely the function of any special staff officer.  Rather, all Marines are expected to promote camaraderie among individuals, regardless of race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation or national origin by setting an example of unprejudiced actions and identifying unfair practices to higher authority via the chain of command.

Unlawful discrimination and harassment within the Marine Corps are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Discrimination and harassment undermines morale, reduces combat readiness, and prevents maximum utilization and development of the Marine Corps' most vital asset, its "people".

What Does Your EOA Have To Offer?
Marine Corps' central point of contact for all MEO guidance

Conduct required MEO intake interviews with complainants to clarify concerns, frame complaint(s) coordinate investigations and make referrals to the appropriate service-specific support agencies, including victim assistance programs.

DoD Certified Mediator

Provide briefings or training on EO issues for assigned and tenant commands

Identify trends and areas of concern, and develop methods for improving the EO climate

Marine Corps Recruit Depot/ Western Recruiting Region
1600 Henderson Ave.
Bldg. 31 Suite 131
San Diego, CA 92140
Office: (619) 524-8730
Cell: (619) 400-9021


Marine Corps Prohibited Activities and Conduct
(PAC) Prevention and Response Policy
MCO 5354.1E 
This Order prescribes strategic policy, procedures, and responsibilities for preventing and responding to prohibited conduct involving harassment (to include sexual harassment); unlawful discrimination, and abuse (specifically, hazing, bullying, ostracism, retaliation (with the exception of restriction and reprisal)); wrongful distribution or broadcasting of intimate images; and, certain dissident and protest activity (to include supremacist activity)). These behaviors will be referred to collectively as prohibited activities and conduct throughout this Order.

Defense Equal Opportunity Climate Survey (DEOCS)

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SECNAV EEO Policy Statement for 2020
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