To provide the Commanders, Marines, Recruits, and their family members assigned to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot/Western Recruiting Region - San Diego with effective and efficient personnel administration services and support. Providing quality customer care while also enabling supported commands in the management of their overall administrative readiness and accuracy of information within the Marine Corps Total Force System.


Bldg. 622, MCRD SD
(Yellow Footprints)



41001 Midway Ave.
San Diego, CA 92145 


Monday – Friday
(Closed on Federal Holidays)
0730 - 1630

MCRD San Diego Check-In Procedures

Permanent Personnel: All Marines that will PCS/PCA to MCRD San Diego will check-in to their respective unit S-1 to ensure timely reporting of pay entitlements, complete the process of their initial join audit via the MOL Inbound Interview (IBI) and the Travel Voucher Interview (TVI).  Additional administrative requirements that require Service Members to proceed to the IPAC after checking in with your unit S-1’s is for member to member, Commuted Rations, Dependency Application changes, BAH retention request, SDA page 11’s, Family Separation Allowance, or report BAH Own-right approvals.  Questions:  IPAC New Join Section at DSN 524-8130.  

Students: All Drill Instructor and Recruiter students will report to their respective schoolhouse S-1 and receive a reporting endorsement and conduct their IBI and TVI at the schoolhouse. 

Accession/First Duty Station, TEMINS, and all reserve personnel: For all personnel issued these types of basic orders, will check-in with their units for a reporting endorsement and then proceed to IPAC Inbound Section to have their initial join audit conducted.

TAD Marines: For all Marines reporting TAD from an outside unit (other than to attend DI or Recruiter School), will report to the command S-1 in which they are going to be TAD too. Upon the receiving a reporting endorsement from the S-1, the Marine will proceed to the IPAC TAD Section with their original TAD orders and reporting endorsement to conduct a TAD join audit.