Since MCRD San Diego’s inception over one million recruits have been trained here. There is a shared belief that Marines are forged in a furnace of common hardship and tough training. This shared, intense experience creates bonds of camaraderie and standards of conduct so strong that Marines will let nothing stand in their way. Marine recruits are trained not only physically and mentally, but morally as well. Forming the bedrock of any Marine’s character are the Core Values – Honor, Courage and Commitment.
By incorporating these values into recruit training, the Marine Corps creates not just basically trained, morally conscience Marine, but also a better American citizen who will return to society following his or her service to their country. The transformation of recruits into basic Marines begins immediately upon their arrival at the receiving barracks, when each recruit first stands on the celebrated yellow footprints. During the next thirteen weeks they work harder than most ever have before to acquire the knowledge, discipline, teamwork and fitness level required of a United States Marine.

The Crucible begins on T-55 Tuesday through T-56 Wednesday.

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The Marine Corps has reorganized a portion of the current 13-week recruit training to afford drill instructors additional time to mentor and lead new Marines. Among the slight modifications, recruits will tackle the Crucible, the demanding 54-hour challenge, a week earlier and then spend the final two weeks of training as 'Marines'. The Crucible remains the culminating events for recruits as the earn the title 'Marine.' (Video by Cpl. Cody R. Woods)