All Permanent Personnel, please report to the Consolidated Personnel Administration Center (CPAC), Building 622, Room 129.

If you require additional assistance other than what is provided in your Welcome Aboard Package, please visit CPAC or call the following numbers:  To call DSN dial as listed.  The commercial area code is (619).

Bachelors Quarters - permanent party DSN 524-1947
Bachelors Quarters - transient quarters DSN 524-4401
Recruiting Admin. Branch (RAB) DSN 524-8174
Disbursing DSN 524-1725
Orders (PCS and TAD) DSN 524-1097/8396/8626
Schools and Medical Hold DSN 524-1992/1994/6111/6112
Legal and Pay DSN 524-6102/6105

PMO phone numbers:
Emergency Line:  911

(Request for Fire, EMS, Police)
Non-Emergency Line:   619-524-6999

(Reporting a crime or request for Fire, EMS, Police)
PMO Desk Sergeant:  619-524-4202

(General inquiries)

For questions concerning permanent personnel assignments, please contact:

DSN 524-8843 or Commercial (619) 524-8843

DSN 524-8733/8731 or Commercial (619) 524-8733/8731