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Welcome Aboard Package
DI School 4-16 Training Schedule
Drill Instructor School Training Highlights
Recommended PT Program
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Teachbacks/Drill Commands
MCBUL 10120

MCRD San Diego
MCRD San Diego DSN Prefix: 524
All Emergencies (on-base): 911
Operator Assistance from off-base: (619) 524-6400
On-base information: 0

Recruit Training Regiment
Recruit Training Regiment Duty Officer: (619) 524-1775/1777
Recruit Training Regiment Chaplain: (619) 524-1784
Recruit Training Regiment Career Planner: (619) 524-1782

Drill Instructor School
Drill Instructor School Director: (619) 524-6529
Drill Instructor School Assistant Director: (619) 524-4414
Drill Instructor School First Sergeant: (619) 524-4412
Drill Instructor School Administration Office: (619) 524-4410
Drill Instructor School Chief Instructor: (619) 524-4417