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Drill Instructor School conducts numerous Programs of Instruction (POI), including the Military Occupational Speciality (MOS) producing Drill Instructor Course (MOS 0911), the Series Commander Course (for newly reporting company grade officers), the Chief Drill Instructor Course, the Senior Drill Instructor Course, the Prior Drill Instructor Course, and the Company Commander's Course. 

The following is the syllabus for the Drill Instructor Course:
a.  Scope.  The scope and concept of the Drill Instructor School training sysllabus is four-fold:

(1)  First and foremost,  it is a LEADERSHIP SCHOOL.  Although an initial, comprehensive review of the basic leadership skills is provided, the focus is on the further devlopment of the student's (NCO/SNCO) leadership abilities and potential.  The main effort converges on the concepts of positive, concerned and ethical leadership.
(2)  Second,  it is designed to provide the student with a thorough knowledge of those basic military subjects covered in recruit training.
(3)  Third,  it gives the student a thorough knowledge of the directives, regulations and procedures governing recruit training.
(4)  Fourth,  it physically prepares the student to lead his recruites during daily physical training periods. 

b.  Academic Subjects
(1)  Leadership Program.   Designed to further develop the student's practical leadership abilities and broaden their perspectives.  This will prepare them for the challeges of recruit training, and other challenges they will encounter throughout their careers.
(2)  Close Order Drill (COD).   The training in this sub-course is designed to develop within each student the knowledge, ability and confidence to teach any aspect of close order drill in precise detail.  Additionally, students are instructed in sword manual, command voice, cadence, parades, and ceremonies.  Student progress is evaluated by practical application evaluations, oral presentations and a written final examination of the entire sub-course. 
Teachbacks/Drill Commands

(3) Values Based Training (VBT).   The training in this sub-course is designed to teach the student how to develop within recruites our Core Values of Honor, Courage and Commitment.  This is accomplished through guided discussions,  physical training, classes, and the Crucible.  Students not only experience this event in the same manner recruits do, but they are also taught how to lead recruits through the Crucible.

(4) Standing Operating Procedures (SOP for Recruit Training).   This instruction provides the student with knowledge of the training, organizational orders, and policies governing the conduct and supervision of recruit training.

(5)  Physical Training (PT)
         (a)  Physical fitness and physical training is one of the most visible illustrations of leadership by example.  Accordingly, your preparation in becoming a Drill Instructor must be designed to ensure confidence through endurance and agility.  The conditioning program at Drill Instructor School is designed to develop the four components of physical fitness:  strength, endurance, agility and coordination.  Furthermore, the program familiarizes the student with the recruit physical training program.  To evaluate the student's progress, the Marine Corps Physical Fitness Test and Combat Fitness Tests are administered two times each.  Although the school's  PT  program design is progressive in nature, it is in your best interest to report to DI School in a high first class PFT condition.  Any students who runs over 23:00 minutes on the 3 mile run, achieves less then 10 pull-ups, or 80 crun crunches on the initial PFT will be placed on the Remedial PT program.

        (b)  Students are required to maintain a minimum 8:00 minute per mile pace on all individual and formation runs.
Recommended PT Program

(6)   Marine Corps Common Skills (MCCS).   This sub-course presents a review of military subjects the students, as Drill Instructors, will teach or assist in teaching with a recruit platoon.

(7)  Basic Warrior Training (BWT).   Training in this area provides the students with the basic knowledge of field skills.  This training will be conducted during the one week spent at Weapons & Field Training Battalion (WFTBN) which is located at Camp Pendleton, California.  Student progress is evaluated by practical appliation periods and a written final examination of the entrie course.

 (8) Uniforms.
         (a)  Students reporting to Drill Instructor School must have their basic military issue as set forth in the most current version of Marine Corps Bulletin 10120 (Individual Clothing Allowances). Refer to this bulletin for information concerning uniform changes and requirements. All clothing must be serviceable (that is, no frayed collars or cuffs; no spots or mending on any part of the uniform) and clothing must fit properly. You will receive numerous classes on uniform regulations during the course to include classes on how to mark your uniforms. If your uniforms are not marked, then it is best to wait until you receive instruction from the DI School staff on how to do this the right way. Besides that, your uniforms should be clean, serviceable, pressed and ready for inspection. Cash Sales aboard MCRD San Diego sells new uniform items at discounted prices.

         (b) Upon graduation, new DIs receive a full issue of good quality “Organizational Property” (OP) khaki shirts (long and short sleeve). In addition, DIs receive free dry cleaning service for all OP uniforms. That said, it is highly recommended that students own a minimum of one khaki short sleeve shirt and one khaki long sleeve shirt that are of the Creighton/Great Northern type for use during DI School. All personnel aboard MCRD San Diego wear the seasonal service uniform each Friday and on most Thursdays. Class Materials

         (c) Daily Routine. A normal daily routine for the students attending Drill Instructor School is as follows:


Reveille/Expiration of Liberty/Morning Meal
Formation/Class Muster/Morining BDR
Noon Meal  (50 minutes)
Completion of Class/Clean-up

Liberty Call/Safety Brief/Evening Meal
Liberty/Student Prep Time
NOTE:   This schedule is subject to change due to training requirements.