Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego


Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

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Congratulations on your assignment to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego.  This historic base is home to the headquarters of the Western Recruiting Region, the Recruit Training Regiment, and a number of other units that play a critical role in everything that happens here.  At MCRD San Diego, the Marine Corps turns young men, recruited across the western two thirds of the United States, into Marines.


Whether you are involved in recruit training, or serving in a tenant command, your efforts here will matter.  The readiness of the Marine Corps, America’s 911 force, is directly dependent on our ability to make Marines… on time and the right way.  You will find your time here at MCRD San Diego both challenging and rewarding.


The local area has a lot to offer.  This is a beautiful, exciting and friendly city.  Whether at the beach, downtown, or participating in any of a multitude of available recreational activities, you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself.  Be an active member of your new community- and represent the Marine Corps well.


To assist you in getting adjusted, we have a comprehensive welcome aboard program that will be helpful as you settle into the routine at MCRD, and life here in San Diego.  Whether single or married, you’ll find that our programs are tailored to assist you.  For our married Marines, there are many dedicated members of the Marine Corps Community Services team ready to assist in getting your family adjusted and settled in. 


My wife, Beth, joins me in welcoming you to the team. Welcome aboard! 


Semper Fi,


Brig. Gen. James W. Bierman