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Marine Corps Recruit Depot


Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Western Recruiting Region

San Diego, CA
Contacting a Recruit


During the first two weeks of recruit training, recruits will send home a letter stating they've made it to MCRD San Diego and will provide an address for which to receive mail.

All mail is routed through the only mail office on the depot.  Your mail will not reach your recruit without the correct COMPANY AND PLATOON NUMBER.  The mail office will see that information and sort the mail to that company and platoon.  The company and platoon information will be listed on the letter your recruit sends home about 2 - 3 weeks into training.

Recruit John Doe
1st Bn. Alpha Company Office
Platoon 1000 
40004 Midway Ave.
San Diego, Calif. 92140-5670


1st recruit training battalion                                                                   2nd Recruit Training Battalion    

3rd Recruit Training Battalion                                                               Support Battalion


If a message is required to notify a recruit of an emergency situation at any time during recruit training, please contact your local America Red Cross or please visit the American Red Cross Emergency Communication Services web page, to have an official message sent to Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego.  In order to process the message quickly, please provide the recruit's name, social security number, company and platoon.