Command Inspector

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego 

Western Recruiting Region

Submitting a Complaint

Please Consider the Following before Submitting a Complaint:


The office of the Command Inspector will assist you with your complaint if possible.  However, the Command Inspector may not provide the most direct resolution of your complaint if it falls into one of the categories outlined below: 

1.  If you wish to comment on conditions or services at MCRD San Diego, please use the ICE: Interactive Customer Evaluation Website.

2.  If you have contacted a member of Congress regarding this complaint, you must continue with that avenue of redress.  The Command Inspector cannot duplicate inquiries initiated by a member of Congress.  

3.  The Command Inspector cannot assist with correcting military personnel records for those no longer on active duty.  The Board for Correction of Naval Records is the appropriate agency to assist with these issues.  The Board for Correction of Naval Records is the only office that has the authority to change to Official Military Personnel Files.  Copies of veteran's records are available from the National Achieves.   

4.  For assistance with dependent/former dependent financial support, please contact the Marine’s Commanding Officer.  If you are unable to reach the Commanding Officer, you can submit the complaint for non-support to the Command Inspector who will coordinate with the respective Commanding Officer.  Be prepared to provide copies of financial support court orders and other documentation as necessary. 

5.  Individuals may submit complaints to the Command Inspector by email, fax, telephone or in person; however, the preferred method is in writing.  Please review the 4 Step Hotline Procedures before submitting a complaint.   The complaint form listed below will guide you in answering most questions the Command Inspector will ask.  You may download and complete the form and email, fax or mail it to the points of contact listed below.

4-Step Hotline Procedures

Common Hotline Complaints

Complaint Form

Fraud, Waste and Abuse/Complaint Hotline:   (619) 524-8826
Fax:  (619) 524-8827


 Command Inspector, MCRD San Diego/Western Recruiting Region
1600 Henderson Ave.  Bldg 31, Suite 117, San Diego, CA 92140