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Cpl. Smedley Butler

Mascot, MCRD San Diego and Western Recruiting Region



         Cpl. Smedley Butler was born in Escondido, Calif., in February 2014.  He is named after Major General Smedley Butler, who at the time of his death was the most decorated Marine in Marine Corps.  Major General Butler was the second commanding general of the depot and was responsible for introducing the bulldog as the Marine Corps' official mascot.

         Cpl. Smedley Butler is just one in a long line of mascots at MCRD San Diego, that began with James Jolly Plum Duff, a bulldog who came to the depot in 1939 when he was two years old.

         In 1950, a monument was built in memory of all MCRD mascots. It was inscribed with the names of James Jolly Plum Duff, Soochow, Duffy’s Limey Grog, Jigger, and Duffy. The monument is located on Beeson Field, off Guadalcanal, behind the Recruit Chow Hall.

         Cpl. Smedley Butler completed recruit training with Company K on September 19, 2014, after he walked the final portion of the Reaper to with the company to earn his title.

         Upon graduation, Private First Class Smedley Butler assumed his official duties as a representative of the depot, which includes participate in the Moto Run, Family Day, graduation ceremonies, VIP tours, visits, and various area recruiting and community relation events.

        He assumed the mascot duties from Cpl. Belleau Wood, who retired in April after five years of faithful service to the depot and Corps.