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Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego


Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego

Emergency Preparedness

Marine Corps Recruit Depot/WRR Emergency Information Reporting

 Depot Emergency Information Recording

MCRD CDO:                             619-524-8700

HQSVC Bn OOD:                      619-524-1983

Regimental  (RTR) OOD:     619-524-1772

Weapons Field Training Battalion

Days:                                      760-725-2734

Nights:                                    760-763-1282


Desk Sergeant                       619-524-4202

Eagle Eye Program (Suspicious Activity)

 877-356-3937 (Option 7)

Recruiters School:              619-524-1868

 Depot Safety Office:           619-524-8770

12TH MCD OOD:                      619-988-0568 

9TH   MCD OOD:                      816-843-3956

8TH   MCD OOD:                      214-697-8339


DoD Employee Emergency Report-In Information:

1-877-414-5358 (USMC) 


DCPAS (Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service)

1-888-363-4872 (1-888-DOD4USA)

Marine Corps Recruit Depot/WRR Local Emergency Information

Depot Personnel: (619) 524-8040   (Recording)

 Naval Medical Center San Diego:  (619) 532-6400

 San Diego Humane Society and SPCA: (619) 299-7012

 Highway Conditions:  1-800-427-7623  

 Community, Heath, Disaster Services:  211

 Local Red Cross:  1-858-309-1200

 Disaster Communications Hot line: 1-877-211-1818


 Marine Corps Recruit Depot/WRR Emergency Preparedness and Services Information

 Family Services During a Disaster (e-mail)

 Home and Family Preparation for Disasters

Emergency Preparedness for Military Families

San Diego Red Cross Information 

 Reporting Your Location and Current Status

 Current Emergency Information During a Crisis

 Current Weather conditions