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Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Western Recruiting Region

San Diego, CA
Band Request

Before requesting a preformance by Marine Band San Diego, please read and understand the sponsor responsibilites (link below). The Bandmaster, is the point of contact for all questions concerning the scheduling of the band. The Bandmaster can be reached at 619-524-1754.

Scroll down to find information for Civilian Reqeusts, Military Requests and Sponsor Responsibilities.

Civilian Requests

To request All members of Marine Band San Diego, please complete the Department of Defense Form 2536 Armed Forces Participation Request Form (requires Adobe Acrabat Reader) and send the request form to:
Marine Band San Diego
1400 Russell Ave
San Diego, CA 92140
Fax: 619-524-0739

To request any of the 12 Marine Corps Band, send the request form to:
Headquarters, U.S Marine Corps
Attn: Band Coordinator
2 Navy Annex (PAC)
Washington, DC 20380-1775
Fax: 703-614-2358

Military Requests

Please mail or fax a written request letter to Marine Band San Diego. Click HERE for request letter template.
Request for events aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego may be submitted directly to G3.

Guidance regarding request:
1. Request should be submitted to the appropriate unit not less then 30 or more than 90 days in advance of a schedule program.
2. All Armed Forces units have specific military missions and training requirements, which may take priority over your event.
3. In all cases, operational commitments must take priority and can cause previously scheduled appearances to be canceled.

4. Department of Defense policies require that Armed Forces participation in public events will be provided at no additional cost to the Government. The sponsor is required to provide quarters and meals or, when necessary, the standard Military Services allowance for quarters and meals for all Armed Forces participants and for other services, which have been determined in advance by the Military Services and agreed to be the sponsor

5. All costs are binding after a unit, personnel, or exhibit has arrived at an event site, even though weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances force the event to be canceled.

Marine Band San Diego

Marine Band San Diego
1400 Russell Avenue, San Diego, CA 92140

Founded in 1921, Marine Band San Diego has thrilled countless thousands by averaging nearly four hundred commitment a year.

The primary mission of Marine Band San Diego is to support the Recruit Training Regiment and other depot organizations.
Additionally, the band performs a wide variety of music at military ceremonies and civilian events throughout San Diego County and the southwestern United States.