MCRDSD Useful Numbers
Military Police: 619-524-4202

Pass and ID Center 619-524-8740/8741
Admin Center: 619-524-6105
Family Service Center: 619-524-6078
MCCS: 619-725-6400
Chaplain: 619-524-8820
Commercial Travel Center (SATO):

Marine Corps Exchange: 619-524-2500
Temporary Lodging: 619-524-4401
Command Museum: 619-524-8431
Library: 619-524-1849
MCRD Fitness Center: 619-524-4428
Bachelor Enlisted Quarters: 619-524-1947

All visitors and graduation traffic please enter the base through Gate 5 at the intersection of Washington Street and Pacific Highway. All visitors must have a valid driver's license, state issued identification card, or passport, and all drivers are required to have a valid driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance in their possession.
All vehicles and personnel are subject to search upon entry and firearms, weapons, knives greater than 3 inches, drugs and all drug paraphernalia are prohibited. Prohibited items will be seized and offenders may be cited and denied entry. Expect delays for security screening and please plan accordingly.