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MCRD San Diego Communication Strategy and Operations (COMMSTRAT): 

If you have a question about the website or the (COMMSTRAT), please e-mail:

If you are interested in becoming a U.S. Marine, visit the Marine Corps recruiting web site here or call 1-800-Marines for more information.

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Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego Base

In case of an emergency on MCRD San Diego call:
PMO phone numbers:
Emergency Line:  911
(Request for Fire, EMS, Police) Non-Emergency Line:   619-524-6999
(Reporting a crime or request for Fire, EMS, Police) PMO Desk Sergeant:  619-524-4202 (General inquiries)

Marine Corps Recruit Depot/WRR Emergency Information Reporting

MCRD CDO: 619-524-8700
HQSVC Bn OOD: 619-524-1983
Regimental (RTR) OOD: 619-524-1775
Weapons Field Training Battalion
Days/nights: 760-725-2734                              
MCRDSD PMO: 619-524-4202

Eagle Eye Program (Suspicious Activity) 877-356-3937 (Option 7)

Recruiters School: 619-524-1868
MCRDSD Safety Office: 619-524-8770

12TH MCD OOD: 619-988-0568
9TH   MCD OOD: 816-843-3956
8TH   MCD OOD: 224-217-8379

DoD Employee Emergency Report-In Information: 1-877-414-5358 (USMC)
DCPAS (Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service) 1-888-363-4872 (1-888-DOD4USA)

Marine Corps Recruit Depot/WRR Local Emergency Information
Depot Personnel: 619-524-4202 (PMO)
Naval Medical Center San Diego: 619-532-6076
San Diego Humane Society and SPCA: 619-299-7012
Highway Conditions:  1-800-427-7623  
Community, Heath, Disaster Services:  211
Local Red Cross: 1-858-309-1200
Disaster Communications Hot line: 1-877-211-1818

Marine Corps Recruit Depot/WRR Emergency Preparedness and Services Information

Family Services During a Disaster (e-mail)
Home and Family Preparation for Disasters
Emergency Preparedness for Military Families
San Diego Red Cross Information
Reporting Your Location and Current Status
Current Emergency Information During a Crisis
Current Weather conditions


MCRDSD Useful Numbers
Military Police: 619-524-4202
Pass and ID Center 619-524-8740/8741
Admin Center: 619-524-6105
Family Service Center: 619-524-6078
MCCS: 619-725-6400
Chaplain: 619-524-8820
Commercial Travel Center (SATO): 
Marine Corps Exchange: 619-524-2500
Temporary Lodging: 619-524-4401
Command Museum: 619-524-8431
Library: 619-524-1849
MCRD Fitness Center: 619-524-4428
Bachelor Enlisted Quarters: 619-524-1947

All visitors and graduation traffic please enter the base through Gate 5 at the intersection of Washington Street and Pacific Highway. All visitors must have a valid driver's license, state issued identification card, or passport, and all drivers are required to have a valid driver's license, registration, and proof of insurance in their possession.

All vehicles and personnel are subject to search upon entry and firearms, weapons, knives greater than 3 inches, drugs and all drug paraphernalia are prohibited. Prohibited items will be seized and offenders may be cited and denied entry. Expect delays for security screening and please plan accordingly.